FertiON Churna

Pack of 100 gm.

MRP: Rs. 600 per 100 gm.

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for Men

& Women

Top Benefits


Every 100gm. churna contains:

ABOUT Ferti-on Churna

Ferti-ON Churna is helpful to enhance Shurka Issue. Shukra has a dual function, not only producing the sperm and ovum but also Ojas. Ojas create vigour, bliss, stamina, immunity, luster in skin,sparkle in eyes and clarity of mind.

What they’re saying

My husband and I are 35 years old. This is both of our second marriages. I have 4 kids from my previous marriage. He had none. He has struggled with infertility for 13 years, and was told by doctors that he would not likely ever have children. We decided that we would still give having a child a try. After several months of trying on our own, we started looking into things that could help us out. That’s when I found this product. He began taking it September 17th and I’m happy to report that we got a positive pregnancy test October 16th. So, he was on it less than a month before we conceived. I had read from several reviews that this has happened for many people and it happened for us as well. I really wish I could post the video of his reaction to the positive pregnancy test, but I will just post a pic of our sono from yesterday. Thank you FertiON for such an amazing product!

Product is very effective. Works as advertised.

It’s a great product. It helps to keep up my energy level and makes me active. I experienced very little side effects from drinking a lot of water. I will recommend to anyone to try it