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FertiON Churna- For Men

Recent research shows clearly that a healthy lifestyle and nutrition are very important for fathers-to-be as well.

Every day, a new generation of spermatozoa starts developing in a process that takes approximately 3 months. These spermatozoa are highly sensible to exogenous influences – be they positive or negative. Therefore men should make sure that they have an adequate uptake of precious antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

FertiON contains a specific combination of vitamins and other vital substances. Partly with long-term effect, they contribute to an improved protection of sensitive oocytes and spermatozoa from oxidative stress and make sure that oocytes and spermatozoa get ample micronutrients which are necessary for their development. An ideal basis for healthy conception!

FertiON represents a basic supply for healthy men, containing a choice of vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy fertility and spermiogenesis. FertiON is a study-tested option for the dietary management of male infertility.


FertiON  is a food for special medical purposes and is used for the dietary management of male fertility issues related to limited semen quality (testicular dysfunction).

It contains a micro-nutrient combination with N-acetyl-L-cysteine, citrulline and folic acid for coverage of the increased demand for cysteine, citrulline, vitamins, and minerals.

At the same time, homocysteine metabolism benefits from highly dosed folic acid and the amino acid citrulline offers additional support for healthy sperm development. The body absorbs citrulline and transforms it into arginine, which is another building block of proteins and important source material for the synthesis of substances essential for sperm DNA packaging and stabilization. A welcome side effect is its role in promoting a man’s erection. The patent-protected formula with study-tested effectiveness is particularly suitable for men with oligo-astheno-teratozoospermia (OAT-syndrome). They can experience a rise in sperm count, motility and morphology.


  • Unique: The only product with antioxidants with long-term effects
  • Recommended by fertility experts
  • Scientifically sound
  • Tested effectiveness
  • Patent-protected formula
  • Certified quality

FertiON Churna- For Women

When planning for pregnancy, every woman should make sure that she gets enough folic acid. This can significantly lower the risk of neural tube defects. At least 400 µg of this B-vitamin are required per day and many women benefit from a higher dosage of 800 µg.

FertiON preconceptional supplements benefits at a glance:

  • Quick and comprehensive supply with 800 µg folic acid
  • Different formulas allow for optimally adjusted supply
  • Scientifically based dietetic treatment of patients with thyroid autoimmunity, endometriosis, and PCOS
  • Recommended by leading European fertility experts
  • Fast protection: The protective level of folic acid in blood is achieved quickly
  • Comprehensive protection: in this concentration, folic acid not only lowers the risk of neural tube defects, but – according to recent, big, studies – also decreases the risk of early pregnancy loss
  • Optimum supply: supply is sufficient even for carriers a genetic variant of folate metabolism (MTHFR-polymorphism)


FertiON is a food supplement specifically designed to meet the requirements of women who wish to conceive. It provides complete preconceptional vitamin, mineral and antioxidant support in combination with highly-dosed folic acid.

FertiON Churna is a dietary supplement that is specially tailored to the needs of women in fertility treatment and women over 35 with a desire to have children. It contains high-dose folic acid in combination with a comprehensive supply of important vitamins and minerals. For optimal protection against oxidative stress, it features vitamin C with sustained release. In addition, it contains coenzyme Q10 for supporting cellular energy supply.

This vital substance is involved in metabolic processes in the mitochondria. Nowhere in the body there are more of these “cellular power plants” than in the oocyte. When mitochondria work at full level, this is an important prerequisite for oocyte cell quality and thus a big step on the way to fulfill your desire for children!

Safety Measures

Avoiding harmful substances during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, safety of mother and child comes first. For the sake of the baby, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided, but also unnecessary allergens and additives. That’s why FertiON is free from lactose, gluten and preservatives. FertiON with organic iron of non-animal origin is also excellently suited for vegetarian or vegan nutrition, because it is completely free from animal constituents and genetically modified organisms.

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